Arboretum (2021)

there are a few glitches in notation and audio in the video rendering not present in the score nor desirable in the performance

Program Notes: Arboretum is a three-movement acoustic examination of and reflection on the nature of trees. Each movement represents either a specific aspect of a tree or natural phenomena in which trees are involved. The piece serves as not merely a literal interpretation of the movement title objects or occurrences, but also an abstract or even philosophical interpretation.

Performance Notes: All dynamics are as indicated, even if they run contrary to notated dynamics in other parts. While the notated tempi are relatively precise, light rubato may be engaged in at the performers’ discretion. In the third movement, all notated harmonics are natural and can be achieved through whatever fingering the performers deem best for them. Notated glissandi begin immediately and last for the full duration of the note.

Movements and Durations:

I. Tendrils- 4:10
II. Gale-Force Winds- 3:30
III. Sunlight Through Leaves- 3:50

Approximate Total Duration: 11:30