Think on These Things… (2021)

Performance is by the NouLou Chamber Players at the University of Louisville New Music Festival on November 8th, 2021.

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Program Notes: Composition at its core is a remarkable act of human vulnerability. The composer decides that ideas they conceive of are meaningful enough to craft into a new work of art, and then they release it to you, the unknown audience. From person to person, the audience members can develop a wide variety of meanings from a piece based on their listening expectations, personal preferences, and even their mood. This piece contains a wide variety of harmonic material, rhythmic textures, melodic motifs, any of which could have any number of possible interpretations. As you’re listening, how do certain sounds make you feel? As your mind wanders, are you reminded of any current events? Are you reminded of any personal memories? Are there any patterns you’re able to track in the music? In the rich canvas of your mind, what do you, the listener, make of the music presented to you? Think on these things…

Approximate Duration: 6’45”