Frenetic Revelries (2022)

Frenetic Revelries is a fast-paced, revelrous piece for string trio (vn, vl, vc). As I began writing the piece with the idea of a high-energy sound in mind, I couldn’t help but be drawn to thoughts of a thrilling, wild dance or party flying off the rails and chaos ensuing. The sheer vibrance of string instrument timbres made bringing out those human elements of the piece a very appealing and rewarding task, and while I’m not a composer who is known for aggressive, fast music, I had a lot of fun using some of my pre-existing harmonic and textural preferences for such exhilarating tempi. It is my sincere hope that anyone who hears the work finds enjoyment and excitement in the raucous energy that defines it.

Premiered November 11, 2022, by the Amorsima Trio in Bird Hall at the UofL School of Music

Violin- Mia Detwiler
Viola- Michael Capone
Cello- Kourtney Newton