Diurnal Passage (2020)

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Fall 2020-

Diurnal Passage is an exploratory journey that travels through the course of a day. The piece opens delicately, as a sunrise would, before gaining some momentum and navigating throughout the rest of the day and all of the hustle and bustle that comes with it. Then, in the end, as dusk approaches and overtakes the day, the piece settles back into a more relaxed character reminiscent of the opening section. Diurnal Passage references both the natural and manmade aspects of a day, utilizing the concepts of dawn and dusk as its bookends while employing a more motion-based, hectic texture in the middle that is evocative of a busy school or workday. Still, in spite of the manmade chaos in the middle, the beginning and end serve as reminders to appreciate the natural beauty of the Earth around us, even in the midst of our busiest days.