What I Remembered in Berea

Earlier this summer, I took a much needed vacation to Berea, Kentucky. For those of you who don’t know, Berea is a jewel of a town nestled in Appalachian foothills right in the convergence of central and eastern Kentucky that, among other things, is known for its natural beauty, vibrant arts and crafts community, andContinue reading “What I Remembered in Berea”

i thank You God for most “this”

As a composer with an affinity for writing vocal music, I often find myself attempting to discern the thoughts and connotations of poems written by poets who are long dead. Without a living writer to bounce ideas off of, my usual compositional practice is to thoroughly dissect and analyze the text from a literary standpointContinue reading “i thank You God for most “this””

A Poem for the New Year

Generally speaking, I try to follow my creative intuitions wherever they may lead me. While I’ve found that those intuitions largely reveal themselves through means of musical expression, occasionally, those intuitions lead me into another art form. Most recently, those intuitions compelled me to write a brief poem that I feel encapsulates the spirit andContinue reading “A Poem for the New Year”