A Poem for the New Year

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Generally speaking, I try to follow my creative intuitions wherever they may lead me. While I’ve found that those intuitions largely reveal themselves through means of musical expression, occasionally, those intuitions lead me into another art form. Most recently, those intuitions compelled me to write a brief poem that I feel encapsulates the spirit and hopes of the New Year. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!

“This is the Time of Dreams”

This is the Time of Dreams - 
Sunrise, early January.

frost-bitten fields, just beginning to feel
the warmth and light of a nascent Sun’s kiss.
dormant no more, shards of frost glisten,
welcoming warmth, though it may be their undoing.
the World awakes from its shivering slumber
as the Sky steadies its blue azure gaze,
a rich canvas for free-flowing clouds and free-flowing imaginations.

the Sun has not yet grown harsh,
though someday, it may, the day is still young, 
the Dreams, it seems, are undeterred.
in a far off, unfamiliar Time and Place,
this gentle radiant light may turn stark,
and the heat may grow too fiery to bear.
in a far off, unimaginable state of mind,
the Dreams may grow too withered to manifest.

but Today, the heat is indeed unfamiliar,
and the withering is indeed unimaginable.
Today, the Dreams are as endless as the Sky itself,
and in this time of gentle, inviting light and warmth,
may the Dreams grow strong enough to weather the weather 
along the way.

© 2022 Benjamin Carter

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